Time to eat pie

“Jay? Do you know where-”

“Bottom left cupboard by the sink,” Jay interrupted, not looking up from his papers.

Robin stared at him for a moment. “You didn’t even wait to hear what I was going to-”

“Bottom left cupboard by the sink.”

It appeared that Jay was in one of those moods. Nevertheless, Robin went to check in the place Jay had told him to, finding that, lo and behold, what he had been looking for was indeed there.

“How did you do that? What if I was going to ask about-”

“Right side of the pantry, bottom shelf.”

“How!” Robin squeaked, running off to the pantry to determine Jay was correct again.

“Have you developed mind reading powers while I wasn’t paying attention?”

Jay snorted. “No. I simply know that I cleaned the entire office last weekend and moved everything, so you don’t know where anything is. You told me you wanted pie, of course you’d want the location of the dishes and the pie.”

“I’m not that easy to predict!”

“If I had a case for every time you claimed that, I would have too many to work on.”

In a huff, Robin went to eat pie.


“We are on a case, not on a vacation,” Jay reminded Robin. He had no idea how many times he had had to state the obvious, or hint at it, or anything like that. The carnival around them was utterly distracting to the shorter man. Though, to be honest, it didn’t take much to distract Robin as far as Jay was concerned. All one needed to do was pass by a window with a pie cooling in it to have Robin ranting about that it was time for lunch – whether or not it was in fact time for lunch was irrelevant.

“Of course we are! But we’re not trying to be obvious, so we should look like we’re enjoying ourselves! Cotton candy, Jay!”

“Is a sticky mess that exists for the sole purpose of charging more for sugar.”

Robin’s lips twitched upward. “You had that response prepared, didn’t you? Don’t like cotton candy? There are funnel cakes! Caramel apples! Kettle corn! Shaved ice! Fried pickles!”

Jay paused. “Fried what?”


Looking around himself, Jay shook his head. Once again, Robin had fooled him. “Very funny. There’s no such thing.”

“You’ve never had deep fried dill pickles?” Robin looked offended. “We have to find them now!”

“Why on earth would anyone deep fry a pickle.”

“Once again, Jay, I am utterly shocked by your limited eating experiences. I bet you have never eaten a single thing I haven’t eaten.”

Once again, Jay had a very immediate response. “Mopane.”

Robin opened his mouth and then froze. After taking a moment to think, he spoke with a tone much more reserved. “And that would be…?”

“The caterpillar form of a moth.”

Robin shivered. “You’ve eaten caterpillars?”

Jay tried not to laugh at his friend’s reaction. “They taste like barbecued chicken flavored potato chips.”

There didn’t seem to be anything Robin wanted to say to that, but he finally managed something. “You don’t like potato chips!”

“I’m not fond of them, but I don’t hate them. Mopane’s all right.”

Robin shook his head. “We are finding you pickles. Basic carnival fare, Jay. You can’t have come here and not have had it. I forbid it.”

“As long as you don’t forget about the case,” Jay reminded him, but allowed Robin to find him fried pickles.

Working late

“Robin, catch.”

Robin nearly did, but his hands were not quick enough. Plus, Jay’s aim had been a little too high, so even if he had been quicker, there was still more distance for his arms to cover. All of these things culminated in Robin being beaned by the orange. He let out an undignified squawk and rubbed at his nose. The orange hit the floor.

Jay brought his head out from all of the papers he was in. “Did you just miss that? Really?”

“Of course I did! You didn’t give me a chance before you lobbed it at my head?”

Jay frowned. “Weren’t you complaining just now about being hungry?”

“I mentioned we had been at this for hours!” Robin corrected. “That we completely missed lunch and it was nearing dinnertime!” That said, he picked up the orange and looked it over. “What’s this for?”

“To keep you from being hungry.”

“Jay, an orange isn’t going to tide me over in place of lunch and dinner!” In a huff, Robin cast an eye over all of the documents they still had to go through. “We’ll be at this for hours more! It’ll be here when we get back! Or we could order in. Anything you’d like, I’ll get on the phone! Where is my phone?”

“If we stop now, we’ll get the piles confused,” Jay said, moving one file from one stack to another. Robin had no idea what either of them were at this point. “You don’t want the orange?”

“No! Yes! Not in place of real food! Jay!” Throwing his words into pleas, Robin tried to clasp his hands in front of himself, only to be clasping the orange with two hands. “Lunch. Dinner. Now. Please?”

“I don’t want to start from scratch by forgetting where we have put once.”

“But I’ve already forgotten!” That explained, Robin finally caught sight of his phone under some papers. He snatched it up immediately. Murphy’s law enacted at is would and the stack of paper he had found his phone near simply decided to fall off the table despite the fact Robin hadn’t touched it at all. Robin felt the glare land on him. He looked over at Jay with a big smile. “I’ll order something. What do you want? Bento? Burritos? Borscht? Burgers?”

With a sigh of disgust, Jay ignored him. Robin decided that meant he could choose and happily called out for their dinner.