Getting his attention

He looked out of the window the same moment Tavesh looked up.

Why he was within the walls didn’t make sense at first. Eventually Vidvan noticed the captain with him. They must have been summoned for some reason. But it took him long enough to see that, because from the second floor it was more than a coincidence of looking in his general direction.

Those blue eyes were focused on him. After a moment of non-reaction, Tavesh smirked. He gave a flimsy salute, something that could have been confused for swatting away a fly.

Vidvan probably should have done something in return, but instead he simply stood there like an idiot. Maybe placed his hands on the window sill. Even as Tavesh looked away, returning to his stride alongside his captain.

That was the moment Vidvan knew he was more than interested, he was lost in the gaze of someone he barely knew. Which didn’t make any sense. Didn’t make any sense at all.

Yet he wouldn’t let the feeling go for the world.

The wall

The wall had been there forever. That was what the two of them assumed, considering how old it looked and that it had been there for both of their collective memories.

They had never met before though. Not until that day when the wall was going to be torn down. They stood there as the demolition crew began to take it down. Not brick by brick, as it had to have gone up. In large swatches, knocking the bricks apart, swirling up the dust from particles and the ground once the bricks had fallen.

The group was still tearing down the wall when enough of the dust cleared. She saw those green eyes on the other side of the wall. Eyes that had been just as interested in the destruction until also being able to see beyond the barrier.

She waved at the girl with the green eyes.

The girl waved back.