The Slime (pt2)

The next day the slime slid down from the roof and landed in a pile in front of their doorstep. This time it was in the morning. They were dressed and ready for work. They stepped outside and saw that it was so much more than it had been the previous evening. The mound was almost as tall as they were.

Part of it moved and they were certain they saw a face in it. The mouth looked like a toothless grin that was big enough to swallow their head.

Wisely, they took a step back and closed the door. They decided to call pest control. Not because they thought it was a pest or that someone else would actually know what to do with it, but because they didn’t know who else to call and they wanted someone to come and see what it was before they thought they had gone crazy.

It was hard to make up something that would get someone to come quickly, but they managed. The pest control came, searched, and didn’t come up with anything. Shaken, but starting to wonder about themselves, they went to work. As long as it wasn’t there when they came back. That was all. As long as it wasn’t there anymore.

When they got back from work, there was nothing there. They grabbed a ladder and checked their roof. There was nothing there. Nothing to roll off right there again. It had to have been their imagination. Maybe they were tired? Maybe they needed a vacation.

The truth in belief

“The World works in mysterious ways. Bad things happen for a reason.”

She grit her teeth. Her hands were paler than usual, clasped together in the same position as those in front of her, behind her, at her sides. It was the moment of silence, where prayer sounded from the pits into the heavens above.

Bad things happened for a reason. They were all determining the reason now, through prayer.

God, is this an excuse? she asked. The question she had never been able to raise before. This is their excuse for bad things to happen. Pretending there is a reason.

She needed no words in response. Instead, she felt the right inside of her. Whether it came from her God or from herself, she had no idea. After this moment of silence, everything would return to normal. One less good thing in the world. One more bad one. Accepted, for a reason.

No, there are no excuses.

She raised her voice.