International Relations

Now once again we are falling far
Though you remind me of the past incentive
Again we would say, we would stay, once on par
We are repetition, oh repetitive, repetitive

We have done this so many times
And we will continue for so many more
To precipitate under these starry climes
While on the ground agree in this gore

Again you return to your house to pray
Leaving me here, not bothered, heart skip
Trying to ignore, but then you say
You love me, and as I hear so I trip

So far away is the rose in your eye
I fall still, goodbye ground, farewell sky

And another

They sat there in silence.

Then again, Brother had been doing that for some time. He tried not to look up, to see what Brother was reading. Because that was what Brother did, read.

Brother turned a page.

It wasn’t like they both weren’t adults at this point. He really should have started acting like one. Not like a child. Not following Brother around as if he was the only thing that could float during a flood.

He looked down at his own paperwork. He had started bringing work home with him because he wanted to get more done. Maybe because Brother would be proud that he was so focused on his career. Well, it certainly hadn’t gotten him dismissal. Yet it hadn’t seemed to given him pride either. More like Brother hadn’t expected less of him.

Maybe he should have been doing this work in his office, instead of out here, where his brother had decided to read his book. Perhaps the problem was that he was sprawled out over the couch, because that was how his brain worked.

Or he should just focus, because he was already here. He might as well work. He needed to do so.

Brother turned a page.

And so did he.


You promised.

You would help him. Because it was your first reaction, because you had nothing else to do. Because he needed it. Especially when he asked for help, unaware of the shame he might need to feel in asking such a question. He knew he didn’t understand his situation. That was why he asked. Your first reaction was to offer the help and he accepted. Gratefully.

You promised.

To go there with him. Because he couldn’t do it on his own, because you wanted to be the one there instead of anyone else. Because after that first moment you couldn’t turn back. Neither could he. When he started to help you, well, that was more than you thought might happen. You didn’t reject it though. That was why he did it. Your first reaction was to accept all of him and he gave it. Gratefully.

You promised.

That the distance wouldn’t matter. Because you couldn’t stay, because he couldn’t go. Because sometimes life moves forward and leaves the people involved in it behind. He stood there along with your other friends, telling you how much they all would miss you. Everyone there made the same promise and he repeated their words. But you looked in his eyes and knew what the promise really was. The promise the both of you have that no one else shared.

He promised.

Getting his attention

He looked out of the window the same moment Tavesh looked up.

Why he was within the walls didn’t make sense at first. Eventually Vidvan noticed the captain with him. They must have been summoned for some reason. But it took him long enough to see that, because from the second floor it was more than a coincidence of looking in his general direction.

Those blue eyes were focused on him. After a moment of non-reaction, Tavesh smirked. He gave a flimsy salute, something that could have been confused for swatting away a fly.

Vidvan probably should have done something in return, but instead he simply stood there like an idiot. Maybe placed his hands on the window sill. Even as Tavesh looked away, returning to his stride alongside his captain.

That was the moment Vidvan knew he was more than interested, he was lost in the gaze of someone he barely knew. Which didn’t make any sense. Didn’t make any sense at all.

Yet he wouldn’t let the feeling go for the world.