Spears (pt10)

“If you and I are in agreement…” Azzah let her sentence trail off as she pushed her elbow into Reem’s back. Reem stood back up, downing half of her bowl with a few gulps. She glanced back at Azzah with a smirk. Azzah gestured for her to move on. Reem did so, Azzah watching her the entire time.

“They certainly like to dance around each other,” Waseme commented, holding a new bowl out to Azzah.

Azzah took a few more gulps to finish her drink so to exchange it with the fresh one. “In Reem’s case it is dancing. She knows how to dance well. Lebna knows how to stand and look pretty.”

“It is a good thing to have,” Waseme agreed. “What will you do when she takes him?”

Azzah shrugged. “Nothing different. It won’t change anything.”

Waseme held the empty bowl to her chest, following Azzah’s watchful eye back to Reem. Reem’s stance was much like when they sparred – sturdy. She knew exactly where she stood and it was where she wanted to be. Lebna could only attempt to mimic her certainty. It made Azzah snicker.

“Probably not.” Waseme patted Azzah on the shoulder and returned to her pots.

Out on the town

“Would you like to dance?” the stranger asked.

She looked at him, then at the rest of her surroundings. “I’m already dancing.”

Her brother nudged her side. “He means with him.”

The stranger was impossibly handsome, with eyes only for her. She frowned.

“No thanks. Try seducing someone else, fae. Come on, bro, let’s scram.”

They left the fae behind, with his impossibly good looks getting him nowhere.

Where the possibility leads

They were inside and the music already began to throb in their head.

“You okay?”

They could barely hear him, but they watched his mouth move. They nodded as they acclimatized to the noise. It wasn’t that bad. Not what they’d been expecting, but not bad.

At this point, they were glad that he still held their arm. And so the two joined the throng in dance, to not be jostled apart by the motion of a room in constant vibration.

Accepting his lead

The two stood outside the club. He stood beside them, pretending to be as cool as he had tried to make himself look before the both had left the house. They wore the outfit he had chosen for them, but as they remain rather indifferent to it. It clung to them tightly, all in black, covering all skin but not concealing much of it, in its own way.

It was dumb, as far as they were concerned, but he liked it and this entire outing was for him.


“We won’t be let in,” they said, as if it would change their plans. It didn’t, they were ready to go and he was ready to get them in.

He led them by the arm. They let him do so, because it was his day and he wanted to do this, so they might as well have let him think he had the lead. They were trying to behave, after all.

He was tall enough, wide enough, now to look like an adult. They wondered if he would possibly grown anymore. Like his father, maybe. His father was even taller than that. He could be that tall eventually. He looked like an adult.

They, on the other hand… How could the two of them possibly be the same age?

Somehow, both of them were allowed inside. They had to give him credit for that, when he actually stayed calm, he could make things seem as if they were completely normal.

It could be normal, the two of them being here, they realized. If they let him lead them, it could be.

One of many possibilities.

Sing, Sing, Sing

The beat was fast and immediate. She grabbed his hands. “This one, come on.”

He followed her to the dance floor, taking her in his arms. Together, they stepped back and forth, pushing away from each other, then pulling close. He spun her around and back in, their feet matching stride despite their height differences. She nearly jumped into his arms when he leaned her back, pulling one leg up in the air. That was his second favorite part. The first was tied between picking her fully up and swinging her around his torso or when they strutted side by side.

Despite her inspiration, she almost seemed to forget a beat, but he improvised, spinning around her body as she pivoted on her feet. They let go of each other for a moment to mimic each other’s wild hand movements.

Then the feet. He had her again and the motion of their upper bodies seemed in complete sync, so he needed to focus on his feet again. Down from the hips, thighs, knees, ankles, feet, toes.

He was thinking too much, he realized. Technically minded he always had been. She was enjoying it and it showed.

And that was what really mattered. He let go.

Hoisting her over his arm, she landed in style, as she always did.

They were perfectly matched.

Normal is an opinion

She saw him on the dance floor. Not sure when, but it had to be early on. There was no meeting of eyes. He had been around, she had been around, and at some point they were dancing together more often then not.

It was the most fun she’d had here in ages and they hadn’t exchanged a single word. When the police burst in and suddenly ushered him away, it left her feeling very confused.

“Typical,” her friend snorted. “You start to like a guy and the cops take him away.”

“I… don’t think that’s typical.”