When they had a beautiful mind

He lit a candle and sat down, cross legged. How come it was that he knew the secrets of the beyond and still felt the need to absolve himself in this way. Maybe it was just the action of trying to talk to her. Talking it out to no one. She wasn’t listening. She was gone.

He cleared his throat, uncomfortably. “Been a while, hasn’t it?”

No response. Of course there was no response. He groaned, hands back through his hair.

“How am I supposed to be without you? I’ve had to be, the last several years. You’re dead, not here. I know that. I don’t like it, I’ve accepted it though, because what other choice did I have?”

He looked back at the candle. This was supposed to help. He had to keep going.

“If I say I’ve met someone, would you be okay with that?”

Damn, this sounded so stupid. He wanted to beat himself up, it was so stupid.

“Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve known him for a long time. You know him too. Yeah, I know. Him. Surprise, right? I thought I was the straightest guy ever. I guess not.” He sighed, putting his hands down behind him and leaning back. “I just… you know. Can I love him and still love you? The same, but different? Does this make any sense?”

It didn’t, not to him. He hung his head.

“Forgive me? Or… tell me it’s okay. To be with someone other than you.”

She did not answer him. She never would. But he knew what she might say here. She’d tell him he was being an idiot. She had always been more interested in his well being than he had.

He laughed. “Yeah, that’s me. Always the idiot.”

Leaning forward, first with his hands on his knees, he reached forward with his left hand and pinched out the flame with his fingers.

The push

“What’s taking you so long?”

Agata almost jumped, instinctively glaring back at Amalio. “They’re still practicing.”

“Ezio won’t mind. Go on in.”

He would say that. “I… I don’t want to talk to him with his coworkers around. This is something I want to do in private.”

Amalio looked confused. Agata wished he didn’t. She wished he would simply continue talking as if he wasn’t thinking about what she had said. This had been the problem when they were dating, Amalio didn’t think everything through, but he did it when she preferred he didn’t. A good man. Which was why she didn’t want to talk to him about it. She looked back at the door that would take her into the theater.

“He’d be crazy to say no.”

Agata’s heart skipped a beat. One terrifying beat. Looking back at Amalio, he smiled at her.

“I’m not saying that because you’re wonderful. Now, and I’m telling you this in all confidence, I’m saying that because he told me something that I promised not to repeat. But with this knowledge, that I really can’t tell you, I can say that he’d have to do a complete one eighty from our conversation to say no.”

A light chuckle escaped Agata’s throat. “You’re terrible at keeping secrets.”

“What? I didn’t say anything. Go on. I’m sure he’s been waiting. Not that you heard it from me.”

She reached for the door and stopped. “Thanks.”

“Go on.”

Agata opened the door.