Comes and Goes Without Notice

The burning sensation within my brain

Travelling up from my spine

Not something I could explain

So not to feel it, I so feign

Pulsing crackling spirals

To push me out of line

Scratching my brain, it idles

An invisible, secret block, my trials


If I could give you a taste

Of what it’s like to feel this way

I would find it more than a waste

For more than I to be so paced

Maybe none will understand

Not for lack of trying, as they say

This illness gone long out of hand

Isn’t to be grasped in full, it is too grand


Struggle to act like it’s no condition

That I am as functional as others appear

I’m not the only one, that’s my admission

Yet it hurts knowing that, like I have no permission

to do worse than them, though I know they hide as well

The same feeling which stems from separates fear

But I’m on no edge, I already fell

I fear I may hit the bottom before the swell


I’m not finished

I’m not giving up

This won’t have diminished

My worth or limit

One foot in front

Half full’s the cup

No matter the hunt

Ourselves we confront