Maybe it just likes him

“Have you read the news?” Robin asked.

Jay gave him a look that could have been described only as disparaging. “What sort of investigator do you take me for? Of course I have.”

“Oh, good. Do you know if there was anything about the Monsoon Pendant again?”

“If there was, of course I would know, because I read-” Jay stopped himself. “What do you mean, anything about the Monsoon Pendant again?”

Robin cleared his throat and placed the item on Jay’s desk. “I think I have a case for us.”

Jay really hated this pendant.

Missing Persons

“How can I help you?” Jay asked, opening the door for his latest client. The girl who entered looked familiar, with her rodential features. Jay searched his mind for the correct moment. Ah, the reason it took him so long was because of how dark it had been when he had met her, how dark it was when he went to see her the second time. “Vlora, wasn’t it?”

She appeared taken aback, flushing slightly under the thin coat of hair that covered her cheeks. “Y-yes.”

“Come in and sit down. I’m afraid my assistant isn’t here right now, so I will have to leave for a moment to prepare the tea myself. Would you like tea? Or coffee?”

Vlora took a few steps in, looking from his face to her feet on the floor. “Actually… just water right now, if that’s all right.”

“Water? Of course. I’ll be just a moment.” He returned with her water, seeing that she had set herself in the correct place, though she seemed uncomfortable with it. “Here you are. Now, how can I help you, Vlora?”

She held the glass with both of her hands, trying not to chew at her lower lip. “I-I don’t got much to pay with, but…”

Jay waved that off. “Tell me what the case is, Vlora. We can talk about that after.”

Vlora nodded, a few too many times than she should have. “My sis’s gone missing. People say she’s left the city like she’d always say she wanted to do, but I don’t think so. I think she’s kidnapped.”

Jay sat down across from her. “One moment. I do need to call my assistant in for this.”

She swallowed. “Is… is there something wrong?”

Jay shook his head. “Well, your sister is missing. But I’m taking the case, so I’d like him to be here.”

If there was one thing Jay wouldn’t turn down, it was a missing persons case.

The best of all assistants

The light suddenly hit Jay full on in the face, waking him. He did his best not to groan as he roused. All he was capable of was opening his eyes, as his bound wrists and ankles made it difficult to sit up. He hadn’t remembered getting into this precise situation, but simultaneously he wasn’t surprised.

“Oh, Jay! You’re awake?”

Jay blinked blearily. “You too?” he asked Robin.

“Seems that way. How inconvenient.”

Jay sighed and rolled onto his side. He felt how empty his pocket was. “Well, they took the pocket knife. There goes our evidence. I was certain the police would find someone else’s fingerprints.” When Robin didn’t respond immediately, Jay knew he had missed something. Any time Robin didn’t immediately start speaking meant something was up. “What?”

“Well, about that. I… might have moved it.”

“Moved what?”

“The evidence.”

Jay finally used enough effort to shift into a sitting position. He couldn’t pull away from the wall, where his restraints were attached to, but he could at least focus his full attention on his assistant. “You moved the evidence.”


“That was in my pocket!”

“The very same!”

“That I had up to the point I was attacked!”

“I picked it out and threw it behind the book case! You know, the one that isn’t angled completely against the wall and we keep meaning on moving it but haven’t gotten around to it yet?”

Jay’s head hurt, but he tried to not let that stop him. “You… threw it behind the bookcase.”

“With gloves, of course! I didn’t think they’d look there for anything! It’s not like I could’ve taken any of them on in a fight, Jay.”

“You couldn’t take on a little girl in a fight,” he agreed. Robin pouted, but Jay didn’t care. “Good job. If we ever get out of here, we’ll be able to get it to the police.”

“You mean when!”

Jay was very glad for Robin’s unending optimism, because it made the rest of their incarceration and subsequent rescue much more tolerable.