Vidvan knew who Tavesh was long before he met him. His Master had taken in the soldiers who had returned victorious from their protection of the borderland. A large feast was put on for their celebration, along with the honor of being allowed within their Master’s walls.

The soldiers all knew what honor they had been given. Their captain was given such a seat of honor, next to the Master. Vidvan sat near enough to listen as the captain gave the story of their defence.

“I recommend to you Tavesh,” the captain said to Vidvan’s Master, gesturing with his glass at a soldier halfway down the table. “His technique and quick wits is equal to giving me a company twice as large.”

“Is that so?” The Master sounded amused.

Vidvan looked. Average height and weight, Tavesh’s body must have belied the muscle that the captain’s praise suggested. His auburn hair was shoulder length, but barely kept from being mussed by a piece of leather keeping it back. His brow was broad, skin olive and marked a few obvious places, with clear blue eyes.

“He requires a bit more experience, but I promise to you he will become one of your most staunch defenders, my lord. On that you have my word.”

Vidvan returned his gaze to his plate, trying to ignore the lump in his throat.

Tavesh never looked up.

Two years later, she saw him again


She looked up and the most handsome man she had ever met. He wasn’t perfect by any means. His wavy blond hair had been brushed back, but there was a lock of hair that curled up right at the top of his head. Dark freckles ran over his cheeks and nose, the bottom of the frame for his amber eyes. His stomach came forth a little, he wasn’t in his prime. He was also just as tall as she was, with wide shoulders.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Sorry, but… were you waiting for me?”

Confusion caused her to speak before she could consider what that meant. “No?”

He nodded. “Right. Sorry for bothering you.”

She watched him walk to the other side of the street. Blind date, maybe?

She should have said yes, she realized. Instead, she watched him go.