“I can’t say I’m surprised to see you arrested.”

At first, when Raz looked at Zamir, he didn’t seem all that impressed. Then his eyes widened, likely in the shock of seeing him here in a completely different place. Zamir took quite a bit of pleasure from that. “Well I’ll be. This is a bit away from home, is it not, inspector?”

Zamir knew Raz was playing it up, but Zamir was in control this time and therefore would not be rattled by anything the avian-like man said. “That is the thing about having an official position. You go many places.”

“And this has nothing to do with you-know-who?”

“I can multitask,” Zamir replied, completely nonchalant. “I see whatever crime you have committed wasn’t serious.”

Raz sighed. “Misunderstanding. With me and a car.”

“Your car?” He couldn’t imagine that Raz could drive.

Raz smirked. “Naw.”

He wasn’t going to specify, but that was all right. Zamir tapped a finger against his chin. “This is a bit away from home, is it not, Raz? What brings you here?”

The look on his face said that Raz didn’t want to say.

Which meant Zamir was in control this time.