Take the future in hand, me!

It is July! I’m not really here (even moreso than usual), because it is Camp NaNoWriMo and I don’t have enough time to focus on anything but that. As of the time of Writing this I still am not quite sure what I’m going to be Writing, but I know I’m going to Write a lot. It’s not as if I don’t have a lot of ideas that need to actually have their own space on paper. Stop editing in your head, edit on paper. That should be my motto.

In other words, I am working on the final edits of my first book. It may fall a little to the wayside this month, but I will be finishing it the month after. Before the end of the year I will finally be published. As long as I Write that here, I can’t chicken out, right? That’s how accountability works, right?

I will no longer be updating every day, but I’m certain everyone will not mind. In the long term, I will be Writing more. And eventually people will be reading more, because there will be more to read. This blog has been good practice for me and it will continue to be.

To prove some of my dedication to you, here is a sample from the up and coming “Alice to Wonderland Organization”.

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Updating June

Where did last month go? I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t want to know. I think it’s fine where it is.

It is time for June! In my mind, that means it is time for July-preparation and the next Campnanowrimo. My life revolves around Writing. Now, if only I could complete something and finish up the polishing process, I’d be golden. Working on that too.

I’ve started practicing dictation. I don’t think it will be that hard. My problem now is finding software that actually works. Unfortunately the free ones are worth their price and no more. The one for GoogleDocs always starts so strong, but then it stops recognizing anything until I turn it off and on again. The search continues to make myself more productive!

The topic this month: phrases.

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The Downdate

Hello everyone. It’s the start of another month and time for another update.

Camp NaNoWriMo was last month, as I mentioned. Uh… let’s not talk about last month. I Wrote, I always Write, but with everything that happened during the month, it was a lot more brainstorming and world building than it was Writing the story. I said I would consider the month a failure in that case, but I’ve worked out this story so well I have a hard time feeling bad about not getting through what I initially wanted to Write.

However, I am glad for Camp to be over. Now I can organize myself and focus on perhaps not only producing a whole bunch of ideas, but being a bit more nit picky about language and the like. Write more drabbles and poetry. My usual as I come up with how I’m going to tackle the next Camp in July.

I debated the topic for this month. I came up with GREAT JUSTICE, so if that interests you, read on!

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Bringing with me another Update

Greetings, lovely readers! It’s another month and I figured I would talk about me again.

It’s the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo! Of course, I take part in this. I have a couple of goals I will try to stick to this month. Overall, I want to Write 200k. For me, who tends to be wordier than is actually good for a story, that amount of words isn’t too difficult. Second, I want to Write 6.6k words a day. That’s how much it would take to reach 200k with the same amount of words a day. I’m working on my consistency!

Those are the number goals. I am also going to try to keep all of the words on the same story. Most of them. If less than 75% isn’t in the story I picked out, then I will consider myself a failure for the month. It’s easy for me to run around and Write words anywhere else than where I need them to be.

Sorry for anyone who would have preferred a poem today!

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Brought to you by…

Hello, all! It’s me, your author.

It’s been almost two years since I started this, so I figured I’d check in with you all. I have a few people watching me now. It appears to be mainly for my poetry (what a surprise for me!) but no matter the reason you are here I’m happy to have every single one of you around. Hopefully you all continue to enjoy my content, as I attempt to figure out what I’m doing.

The best part about this is that I have a body of work always available to say “I’ve been practicing my craft guys!” and no one can say I’m making it up.

I have a bit to say about my actual writing process, so if you’re interested in that, then read onward! If not, well… there will be more fiction to read tomorrow.

(totally not a story here)