When you have better laid plans

Sometimes I think about what it would be like if I could possibly do something that didn’t rely so heavily on other people.

(No offense, other people, you can be great, but at the same time I’m a bit tired today.)

I have a mind that goes back and forth between blaming myself for something and recognizing that yes, actually it is my fault, because even though it is someone else’s fault I should have figured out a way around it. And as self deprecating as that might seem, it is true. If you want to get something done, sometimes you just have to work out around a person. It might require going through other people, but at least you are making progress. Searching for solutions.

This is what I feel like with myself, just in Writing.

Like parts of me are different people. If the Writer in me doesn’t show up today, well. What to do? Editor has to Write, I suppose. Or the Gamer gets to Write. I feel like I have Written about this before, but it doesn’t stop it from being just as important.

Now if only all these parts of me would get their act together. The Writer doesn’t like showing up. The Editor does a lot more work than everyone. The Gamer would, of course, rather be gaming at all times, just like the Reader wants to read. The Musician shares too many traits with the Outliner and the Editor.

I would like to say these are all one person. They are all me. And that is true. Even when it doesn’t feel like it. It’s not multiple personalities. It is multiple sections of my psyche though, in a way. The impulses of what one wants to do, which can be curbed one way or another.

Yet I want to be an Author, which requires the Writer to do their job. Or, failing that, that someone else does the Writer’s job. Like the Editor.

Time to be grateful that my Editor always shows up.

Why doesn’t anyone pronounce the first ‘r’ in February?

I don’t say it either, but I don’t know why. February is a strange word. So I went and looked it up. One thing I read said apparently people have dropped that first “r” for about a hundred a fifty years. Another mentioned it is because that combination of sounds doesn’t come naturally in the English language. I’ll admit, it is easier for me to say fevrier than it is for me to pronounce February correctly.

And I am wrong. Some people do pronounce it as it is spelled. Props to you. (I am being sincere.) It helps with spelling if you can say words properly.

Oh, wait. There is the word colonel. And if you pronounce that first “l” as an “l” and not an “r”, people will look at you strangely (at least, where I live). I did that once, when I was younger, after I first saw how the word was spelled. Very confusing. The “ei” in eight and the “ei” in height are completely different. So forget my own previous point and let me make the only one that I think really matters.

Can people understand you? Good. That’s all that matters. If someone pronounces something strangely, but you know what they have said, then what? You understand them. That’s all that needs to be said.

Same thing with Writing. What is a wrong way to Write? The right way?

If it is clear, it is right. Not to say that the story can’t be vague, but as long as the reader can follow the words along, some concepts, some actions, some character… something. Writing can be anything. Sometimes it isn’t even a story. Sometimes words for the words’ sake is just as important. Whatever you want to Write.

Maybe there isn’t an audience for whatever, but sometimes there is. Even if that only audience member is yourself. Clarity in expression, even if that expression is confusion.

January is a strange word if you think about it too hard

The new year has arrived. If you want something new, check out my new little tab at the side. It’s called “books”. I wonder why that is the case?

If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know the answer. I wrote about it before. I published my first book! Alice Through Wonderland Organization. It has lovely art like this:

by ケLV
by the wonderful ケLV

…and many a word by me! Poems included. One might have been borrowed from Charles Dodgson, but I assure you the rest of them derived from my brain and you will be able to tell the difference. I don’t pretend to own any of the words which aren’t mine.

If you are interested in those things, I hope you will pick it up! And if you do, I hope you will let me know in one way or another what you think about it. I always accept a critique, but as of recently I’m getting better at accepting praise as well. I suppose I will see which I earn, if either!

For those who like what they have read here, I am actually chugging along with my next book as well. I hope to publish it this year. Soon I hope to have a better time line and maybe a little bit to tease next month.

Time to get on the wild ride! Updates here continue Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with poems on Saturday.

December is cold and wet

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was complaining it was too hot and summery. And I’m not actually complaining about the wet. Or the cold. Well, I complained about the cold in one aspect, when it was only my hands that were cold and I was trying to Write. In that case I would be complaining. Not sure why I always forget about that one detail when December hits.

NaNoWriMo is over and I have somewhat survived the process. I made my goal, I think, but most of the month is a blur now. And enjoyable blur for the most part, but there were those harder days than normal. Now it is time for me to finally go and get some editing done, because that is what I have wanted to do forever now.

Even more important than that is polishing up the novel I plan to publish by the end of the month. “Alice to Wonderland Organization”. This is a me project, most definitely, but it will be enjoyed nonetheless. At least by me putting it out there. And my saying that I’m doing it here, for the few of you who are here with me, to hopefully keep me accountable. There is no backing out now. There are words and there is art and the book will be wonderful. Just have to figure out the last parts of it all. Just that part.

Then on to the next book. The thought of that is exciting. The thought of that is thrilling. I could use a thesaurus for more words, but I’m writing this without ready access to one and I learnt recently that I really shouldn’t bother with that unless I’m doing poetry.

December is cold here. December is wet here. And I am happy for both of those facts. I hope it goes well for you too~

November is not a word. NaNoWriMo is a month.

I could get into it, but I think the title of this post speaks for itself. National Novel Writing Month has started today and I literally have no time to focus on anything other than writing. Will it go well? Of course it will! All I need to do is write. It doesn’t matter how much, when it comes down to it. I like having an excuse to write all the time and an environment where people don’t expect anything from me but my best.

Good luck to all participants! And good luck to all people with writer friends out there. Just because you don’t hear from us for a month doesn’t mean we still don’t care about you.

October is way too busy

On top of figuring out and not letting yourself procrastinate when it comes to publishing, there is always the other things in life that come to get in the way of Writing. For me, October is that month out of the entire year that I need to balance myself more than ever.

NaNoWriMo is next month. I need to prepare for that. I have a few other events going on this month, which I also still need to prepare for. The biggest problem comes down to not wanting to do what I say I should do, what I need to be doing, and deciding to do the other thing.

Today’s topic (good for all sorts): PRIORITIES

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The leaves of brown came tumbling down

September. Where did August go? Probably a question I should stop asking. A month always feels like it lasts forever until the end is nigh and then it feels strangely short. August did have thirty one days, right? I think so, I’m writing this on the 31st.

Word count wise, August wasn’t the best for me. Editing and preparing for publishing this year? Definitely good. Still keeping up on that.

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Can’t spell August without an A. It stands for “ah”.

Another month, come and gone. Was it a success? Depends on how you look at it. I wrote a lot, that is for sure. But now I feel it is time to focus more on the quality than the quantity of my words. They are down on paper now, so that is a good start. I have gotten a lot of that pesky Writing out of the way. Time for some edits and more preparations for publishing!

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Take the future in hand, me!

It is July! I’m not really here (even moreso than usual), because it is Camp NaNoWriMo and I don’t have enough time to focus on anything but that. As of the time of Writing this I still am not quite sure what I’m going to be Writing, but I know I’m going to Write a lot. It’s not as if I don’t have a lot of ideas that need to actually have their own space on paper. Stop editing in your head, edit on paper. That should be my motto.

In other words, I am working on the final edits of my first book. It may fall a little to the wayside this month, but I will be finishing it the month after. Before the end of the year I will finally be published. As long as I Write that here, I can’t chicken out, right? That’s how accountability works, right?

I will no longer be updating every day, but I’m certain everyone will not mind. In the long term, I will be Writing more. And eventually people will be reading more, because there will be more to read. This blog has been good practice for me and it will continue to be.

To prove some of my dedication to you, here is a sample from the up and coming “Alice to Wonderland Organization”.

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Updating June

Where did last month go? I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t want to know. I think it’s fine where it is.

It is time for June! In my mind, that means it is time for July-preparation and the next Campnanowrimo. My life revolves around Writing. Now, if only I could complete something and finish up the polishing process, I’d be golden. Working on that too.

I’ve started practicing dictation. I don’t think it will be that hard. My problem now is finding software that actually works. Unfortunately the free ones are worth their price and no more. The one for GoogleDocs always starts so strong, but then it stops recognizing anything until I turn it off and on again. The search continues to make myself more productive!

The topic this month: phrases.

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