Review: Woman of Blood & Bone

the book in question

Max is an immortal witch. Literally, she keeps dying and something always brings her back. It is a fact she keeps from most people she knows, as trauma has shown her most people don’t handle coming back from the dead very well. Yet she and her best friend Striker have stuck together, especially at her tattoo parlor. One day a rather disgusting man comes in with his heavily pregnant wife and as the two of them conspire to get her away from him, the man turns out to be less than human. Which comes as a surprise, because Max didn’t notice. Protecting the pregnant girl is the name of the game, as Max finds herself the newest target of this demon’s attention.

I realized only after that this was a spin off from another series. Apparently this isn’t very much of a starting place. Therefore, this review is for those who are just dropping in and not for those who have read the previous series. Which I have come to read I should have done. And it might have made more sense too, because this story wasn’t written for new readers.

The beginning is a rush through several events that don’t all appear to have much to do with the story at large. Again, it probably explains things readers of the previous series want to know, but it isn’t new reader friendly. Because of that it feels like the plot takes forever to start, and this isn’t the sort of story that isn’t plot driven, because when the plot arrives we are on the train until arrival.

My other issue was I wasn’t sure why we ever got the chapters from Striker’s POV. I felt like they either shouldn’t have been there or we should have gotten more of them. Especially his budding feelings for the woman they were trying to protect. Having more of his perspective earlier and about his own feelings, rather than hearing about them offhandedly from Max’s POV, would have done a lot for drawing me into the story. As it was, Striker’s sections often felt redundant or useless to me.

I wanted to like this book, but even when things were focused I felt like I was missing something (and, again, I later found out I was, so that was my fault I suppose) or Max was once again severely injured. And considering we find out pretty early that she can’t really die, I was surprised to see her being physically injured as a point of so much drama. I feel the story would have been stronger if it had focused more on emotions, because everything in the story obviously wanted to.

I give Woman of Blood & Bone a two out of five. Again, it likely rates higher for someone who has read the previous series of books. Unfortunately I’m not sure that will ever be me unless I’m told the perspective either sticks on one character or the shift of perspective is more equal, because I have learnt that is my own particular pet peeve today.



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