Review: Kingpin

the book in question

Dan Shaw is an Interpol agent with no upwards momentum. He is actually moved into an even worse working position right as the story starts, which only so happens to get him involved with trying to take in a criminal from Interpol’s most wanted list. It doesn’t go well.

I wasn’t sure how to feel about this book. There were all the pieces there, for sure, but I never clicked with Stuart B. Newby’s Dan. And as he was the POV of the story, not clicking with Dan ruined the experience. He certainly felt like the everyman, only by chance having a chance to accomplish anything. And you do have to feel bad for him with everything that happens. But while it all falls apart, the story is rather lighthearted about it all. It might not be the best tone for Dan’s character. I can see the tone working for the type of story it is, but not with this main character.

In the end, it is obviously an introductory piece to set up Dan’s next adventure. It had a lot of potential and I did read it to the end, but I feel that was because it was short enough I never gave up on it. However, for myself, it did not grip me very tight at all.



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