Help me, for I am now obsessed with these things. Did I say help me? I mean yes, I need to read more. I read thirteen books last month and I’m going to double that. More than double it.

So here are seven readathons for May!

Image from @Medievalathon announcement video by @HollyKnece

First is Medieval-A-Thon. It’s for the entire month. You increase your status, acquire clothes, weapons, and companions! There are eighteen prompts: seven for clothes, five for weapons and six for the animals. I’m going to collect them all, of course, because I’m like that.


Part of the map created by @duskangelreads for @JourneyAThon

Next is the Fantasy JourneyAThon! You decide your path travelling from Haroyell to Nialas. While the paths have you read between 6-8 books, I apparently will be doing all of them. No one has said I can’t, so as long as I do it in order I should be fine! There are points for pages read and challenges completed, so I’m hoping to be a great asset for my team (the Tia Auran).


Official @SeaMaydenathon banner by @LeelynnReads and @MimiChartier

SeaMaydenathon comes with four teams and four books included, so I snatched that up as fast as I could. There are points for reading books, completing prompts, and reading the group books.


@readathin banner, hosted by @courtofbooklove and @momsbkcollector

To thin out your TBR, there is Read-a-thin. For this one I made sure not to look outside my immediate TBR and it sure helped me find books for prompts in the other readathons!


@asianreadathon image by host @readwithcindy

And to celebrate Asian characters and authors, there is the Asian Readathon! I read a lot of manga, but I went looking for some other books both on my shelves and that I haven’t heard of before to fill these prompts.


@believathon graphic by @TheGavGav7

Finally I reach the readathons that do not take the entire month. First of two is the Believathon! It takes place from the 11th to the 24th.


Image from @plugandreader, by hosts @kathytrithardt and @bookswithzaq

Last but not least, the Plug and Readathon! Dedicated to ebooks and audiobooks from the 17th to the 23rd. I have a selection of ebooks, but one prompt is for a webcomic and I happened to have bought physical copies of one of my favourite webcomics last November, so I’ll be reading those offline.


My mastersheet tells me I have 34 books to read, clocking out with nearly 13 thousand pages. I’m looking forward to it. I have such a variety of books to read and a variety of formats. Even if I only get halfway there it will have been worth it!

all the physical books I must read what have I done

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