After many problems in many things, I’m proud to announce that the third book of the Spears of the Lel’ult, Spear’s Reach, will be available on May 31st.

Lebna and his spear-sister Lulu are two of the Lel’ult Talei’s most trusted spears. Talei takes them with her to witness a union of two women – one of them Yigdu.

But to make sure this union goes smoothly, Talei leaves Lebna and Lulu in charge in Badjeba.

And they wait for the return of their Lel’ult from Masiwava.

Of course, everything must go wrong. Masiwava send people to try to chase away the Yigdu in Badjeba. Lebna learns of an illness the Yigdu experience here by the desert, which requires certain medicine to combat. Medicine Masiwava does much to make sure they cannot have. Then, one night, the Yigdu bride disappears into the desert. Lebna and Lulu struggle to determine what the right course of action is, as their Lel’ult trusted them with the safety of all Badjeba.

All the while, Lebna dreams of his dead lover, long after he had thought himself accepting of her loss.

Lebna hasn’t been a warrior for long.

He must find a way to fight better.


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