A Simple Life (pt26)

There was no point in deigning that with an answer. Instead she decided to ask the more obvious question, the one she should have asked first. “You have a job?”

Emil looked pleased she had asked. “Of course. There are only so many favours we can call in.”

Coleen hadn’t thought about it. She hadn’t seen him return with money before now, just pulling from the prepared funds. It was odd to think of Emil as a member of society. Coleen supposed he had been doing that already, she just hadn’t bothered to notice. He had to have had a job at the last place they lived. She hadn’t thought about it. All she knew was that some times he left her alone.

“Please tell me it doesn’t have anything to do with chocolate.”

Emil frowned, though whether it was because she thought that or that he had not, Coleen was not sure. “You don’t want to hear about it.”

Actually, she did. She wanted to know what he would actually do. Something outside of resistance work, what she had always asked of him. He was capable, very much so, but Coleen wondered how much of that had to do with the powers that this immortality came with. It would be like suddenly becoming blind, in a way.

Coleen wondered how Emil felt without those abilities. She opened her mouth to ask that, to ask about his job, and something got mixed up in her mind.

“Dinner is about ready. Set the table. You can tell me about it then.”

Emil huffed, but moved to do as she bid.

This, Coleen decided, was unnatural enough as it was without knowing what she did around other people. Following requests without backtalk.

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