A Simple Life (pt21)

He made her yank out weeds. Coleen only did as much as he made her, hating the feeling. These gloves didn’t fit her hands well. If Emil wanted her to do more of this she would have to make better ones. Or come up with another way to not be roped into this. She should not have to weed the backyard. She could care less how the place looked.

She had already done her own weeding in the world on a completely different scale. It was a lot less manual labour and much more sacrifice.

When Coleen returned inside, Emil had already abandoned her. He was on the couch, watching the television. The queen’s face appeared before her. Coleen watched.

She was saying something, something wonderful. At least, Coleen thought she was. All she could hear when she saw Ami’s face? Crying.

“Everything? It was all for this? Oh, I love you! I’m so sorry!”

Emil turned to look at her as Coleen broke.

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