A Simple Life (pt20)

“Aren’t you going?” she asked. Emil stared at her and she continued. “Might as well enjoy the free food. They might have real chocolates.”

That caused him to react. “Are you trying to get rid of me?”

Coleen might have rolled her eyes, but she did not feel it. “Is that the impression I’m giving?” she asked blandly.

Even she didn’t like the fake chocolate she had made. It was a surprise Emil had choked down any of it.

“I’m going out to the garden,” Emil said about the garden that they didn’t have. With that established he ignored the rest of the chocolates and dragged her into the back with him to plan out the garden.

Did he really not understand how little this interested her? They might not be in the same place by the next year. Then again, Emil seemed to know what he was doing. Coleen didn’t doubt Emil had taken up many hobbies over the years. Gardening must have been one of them, at some point. Still, he had never done gardening here and it differed depending on temperature, climate, average rainfall, contents of the soil, amount of sunlight…

Those were things he would have to learn here if he really wanted to truly plant something. Whatever it was Emil wanted to plan. Bringing those facts up to him caused a glint to show in his eyes. A small smile on his face. Coleen didn’t know why.

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