“How do you like this one?”

Crowley glanced over. “Looks nice,” he said.

Aziraphale took his hand to put the ring on him. Dark, yet gleaming in a way. Like scales, without being explicitly so. Crowley let Aziraphale put the ring on him, finding it humorous how fascinated the angel seemed to be by the process.

“Looks nice, yes, but do you like it?”

Now that it was on his hand, Crowley looked at it. It suited him, which was surprising for something Aziraphale had picked out. He knew Aziraphale knew him well enough, it just usually came down to their tastes and how each of them wanted to see the other in something closer to what they wanted. But this would have been something Crowley would have picked out for himself, not something he’d think Aziraphale would.

Were they scale-like now, or were those grooves mimicking feathers?

“Yes,” Crowley said.

Aziraphale beamed, before talking with the shop owner. Crowley didn’t really listen to the haggling or whatever it was that the two of them were talking about. He looked at the ring on his finger and considered how well Aziraphale had known him.

“Congratulations, you two!” the salesman called out after them as Aziraphale ushered Crowley from the shop.

“Congratulations?” Crowley asked.

Aziraphale chuckled, but said nothing, immediately getting distracted by the bookshop further into the mall. Crowley went with him, glancing back at the jewelers. Then staring at it.

The huge displays told him everything that the “congratulations” somehow failed to tell him. Did that man really think-? Did Aziraphale realize what he made it seem like? He almost asked, but Aziraphale was in book-mode and Crowley was certain he wouldn’t get through to him right now.

The ring suited him perfectly.

Crowley decided he didn’t need to say anything about it. He just had to get Aziraphale a ring that was equally perfect.

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