Aziraphale had nothing against dancing. He just hadn’t been as interested in doing it himself since the gavotte went out of style. That didn’t mean he didn’t have an eye for it.

“You looked like you were enjoying yourself,” was the best compliment he could give.

They were at the club at Crowley’s behest and Aziraphale had nothing against that either. He just didn’t fit in with he style of the place. This wasn’t the type of club he had ever wanted to frequent or would ever look like he would frequent. Not even after taking a tip or two from Crowley about his wardrobe. They only left when the two had agreed upon the outfit and Aziraphale turned down a great deal many things.*

Crowley frowned, sitting across from him. “Of course I was. That’s not what I was asking.”

Aziraphale looked to the side. He should have lied right off the bat. Sure, everything was over and he technically didn’t have to follow Heaven’s rules anymore, but that didn’t mean he wanted to lie more than he already did. Though he had nothing against a little white lie. He tried one now.

“Yes, it looked like lots of fun, if one were up to that sort of thing.”

“What, did I look like a fish?” Crowley demanded.

Blast it all, Aziraphale didn’t want to outright say that it was all right and then be subjected to following through with it for eternity. That was really what he was fighting with.

“A fish enjoying himself,” Aziraphale added helpfully.

Crowley looked offended. Rightfully so. Aziraphale couldn’t say he just didn’t know anything about dancing, because it wasn’t true. Just because he couldn’t do it himself didn’t mean he couldn’t recognize when it was done badly.

“Dear, I don’t mean to be mean-“

“You have never been mean without meaning to,” Crowley grumbled.

Aziraphale ignored that. “I wouldn’t be able to do better. I have many rhythms, but this wouldn’t be one of them. You certainly have a lot of rhythm. It simply doesn’t seem to coincide with other people’s beats.”

A lot of rhythm? Crowley mouthed, as though that were another insult. Aziraphale was almost insulted he thought so, when that was clearly the compliment of his explanation. “I’ll show you a lot of rhythm.”

Once again, Crowley was grumbling. Aziraphale smiled.

“I have nothing against that. When we get home?”

That shut him up. But if during the next few days he noticed Crowley quickly looking up dancing instructors, Aziraphale kept it to himself.**

*Many of which he had nothing against, but would be damned if he wore in public. A phrase he used and made Crowley laugh long enough that he had given up on insisting upon it.

**Other than leaving open a few classifieds with couples classes, of course.

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