Body Swap

It was supposed to be only something they could do on purpose. So when Crowley woke up in the bookshop, he knew something was wrong. He didn’t even have to move to know something was wrong, because the body he found himself in hadn’t just been sleeping. It had sat in front of a book in an armchair that was far too squishy. As well as the body he was in. More squishy than his own.

Blinking far too many times than he was used to, Crowley got up. He felt off kilter, like he had the first time he had been in Aziraphale’s body. Part of him wanted to go back into the chair and curl up to be comfortable. But it wasn’t the time.

He went over to the bookshop’s phone and dialed the number of his own apartment. Then he tried it again.

“Guh,” muttered Crowley, as no one answered the phone. He had to assume Aziraphale was there, because that was where he was supposed to be.

But no one answered, so that meant he had to get there.

It took him over an hour, which was annoying. Not that he couldn’t pretend to be Aziraphale on the way, but he thought he was passed that part of his life and wasn’t happy that he was having to revisit it without making the decision to.

He let himself in with a little more difficulty than he usually would. “Angel?” He yelled out in Aziraphale’s voice.*

There was no answer. He became more than a little concerned before it hit him. He rushed to his bedroom and there was his body. Asleep. As it had been last he remembered being in it.

“You better be in here,” he grumbled, sitting his body up.

Much to his relief, his body groaned and tried to rise, just to limited success. “What… is…”

“You need to sleep more, then you’d know what to do about this,” he scolded.**


Okay, Crowley didn’t know what to make of that, because if Aziraphale had been doing that in his own body it would have been cute. In Crowley’s though? Just irritating.

“Come on now.”

Finally, Aziraphale opened Crowley’s eyes. They tried to widen, but he still couldn’t shake off the sleep.

“Oh, that didn’t happen?” Aziraphale asked, nearly biting Crowley’s tongue. Crowley tried not to wince.

“No, it happened. We got passed Heaven and Hell. We just… have to get passed this.”

Whatever this was.

*Shouldn’t have done that, it was more than a little weird.

**He wasn’t trying to scold, but in Aziraphale’s voice, that is how the words turned out.

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