“Frankly, I should be offended.”

“Should you?” Crowley asked dryly, eyebrows raising above his sunglasses.

Aziraphale huffed, shifting in his seat and smoothing out his menu. “It’s like that’s all anyone thinks I eat!”

“Uh huh.”

“I can’t even get there myself. You would think I would be given an option.”

“You have been given an option, angel,” Crowley drawled, not taking this nearly as seriously as Aziraphale wanted him to.

“Only after I insisted!┬áThat’s not the order things should be done in! It’s not as though we’re regulars here and that’s all I get!”

Crowley had some thoughts about that, but he decided not to voice them. His angel was already offended enough without him adding to it.

“It’s not good to judge someone based on… based on… whatever it is that they based that on!”

“It looks like they have a new type of crepe,” Crowley noted, staring down at his own open menu that he hadn’t planned on getting anything out of. “Nutella and jam?”

In an instant, Aziraphale’s entire demeanor had changed. “Oh? Where is it, dear?”

Crowley pointed it out and their poor server was very confused when, after that earlier dismissal, Aziraphale ordered three kinds of crepes.

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