“Please, please, look where you’re going!”

“I’m looking out the window,” Crowley said, as though Aziraphale wasn’t having a panic attack.

For his part, Aziraphale wondered what heart palpitations felt like. He practiced breathing because he liked it and it made things natural with mortal beings, but he had never really let his corporeal form deal with the complexities of a heartbeat beyond the normal kind.

“You’re looking out the wrong window.”

Crowley stared forward, backing the Bentley down the street. There wasn’t anyone else around as far as Aziraphale could tell, but the path was very narrow. It would just take someone stepping out behind them for things to go horribly wrong. Then they would be late.

“We’ll be back on the main drag in a jiffy,” said Crowley.

“We’d still be on the main drag if you hadn’t wanted to take a shortcut!”

“Which would have been fine, if you hadn’t changed your mind about where we were going.”

Aziraphale wanted to protest, but just about bit his tongue as Crowley turned the wheel sharply and reentered the street. There was a lot of noise as other cars protested Crowley’s reentery to the traffic, but Crowley ignored that and headed forward.

“I only said it would be nice if we went else-” Aziraphale interrupted himself with a huff. “Now you’re doing this on purpose.”

Crowley grinned, staring out the back window as he drove forward. “Now?” he questioned.*


“We’re here.”

Aziraphale started, surprised as Crowley stopped the car. The demon slid out through the right door and as Aziraphale reached to open the passenger side door, he looked upon the inside of the Bentley thoughtfully.

“Thank you for being a good driver,” he said to the car.

He didn’t usually talk to the car, but that was it. Aziraphale could not believe that Crowley could have done that on his own, no matter what he thought himself capable of.

*Crowley liked to say he did everything on purpose. This was true enough, except for the consequences. When he didn’t like the consequences, and could get away with it, he definitely didn’t do whatever it was on purpose.

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