A Simple Life (pt1)

Emil once mentioned something about a simple life. It was funny, considering how he could never have had one. Not from being a slave, then the chosen, then immortal.

“There was a sale on apples at the market. I think there is always some sale on fruit.”

But he had mentioned something about a simple life and Coleen had thought for a moment he believed what he was saying. Not that it mattered. Whether or not he believed in what he said, whether or not he knew what he spoke of, the simple life was never something Coleen had to endure. And it would be endured as Coleen was not the type to enjoy something that simple. Not anymore. Not since the days with she and her sister and her parents… not since before Coleen was too young to understand things.

“You cleaned again. You just cleaned up yesterday.”

She had grown up just fast enough to deal with these things all on her own. She was all grown up (in her mind) by the time she had been sent away. Out of the way. Since mother died there had been no simple life.

“Honestly, you are a glutton for punishment.”

Now there were no simple memories. There could not be. Everything of her family had been a lie. Those simple days were now tainted. They had not cared as she had thought. Everything was tainted except for her sister. Except for Ami.

“Give me that.”

But even her memories of Ami were now surrounded in taint. Not her, of course, Ami was not tainted. Just everything around her. Including Coleen. Especially Coleen.

A simple life. What was it Emil had said?

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