A Gift for Life and Death (pt12)

Life returned the conversation to Forgiveness. “They must be doing well. After all, you would tell me if they were not?”

Death was still smiling, but it had turned wry. “I haven’t taken them from you yet. I’m not sure I want them.”

That hadn’t stopped him before. It never would. Death was awfully possessive.

The space between them was becoming erratic, constant birth, constant death, uncertain where the line was. Life almost asked him to stay. She could see he was readying himself to leave. Leave her to feel empty.

So mortal, the desire to escape emptiness. As mortal as all of her children and the lives she would give them. What would it be like? To live a single life, without this responsibility?

To become Death’s, once and eternal?

“Well, I’m off before I cause a plague.”

“It was nice to see you.”

“You too, my lady.”

How long had he been there? He was gone again, for so much longer. Life was not distracted as she once was, but did spend some time watching the mortal beings around her. The grass grew back. Time moved on. She would care for them as she always cared for every living being.

Except Forgiveness, who cared for her back. She yearned for them to return. For the mortal who had managed to remain with her the longest.

For the mortal who knew who she was and still saw her.

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