A Gift for Life and Death (pt11)

“Forgiveness has been absent,” she told Death. “They had something important they had to do, but they have yet to return.”

Death chuckled, a grinding sound. “The last I saw them they were up to their usual tricks.”

“Now, now. I would hardly say what they get up to are tricks. That’s more of your fare, I believe.”

“Caught me red handed. Oh, wait, that’s blood.”

She laughed. “I know you take your work very seriously.”

“Everyone else does. Well, for the most part.”

She shrugged, finally standing up from where she had been kneeling in the flora. Moving her feet, the greenery exploded around her. Not as much as it would have in other circumstances. Not with him so close. She could feel the life leaving everything around him. He didn’t even seem to notice, but she knew he had to be keenly aware. He was a sharp one, Death. Tough cookie, she had said, but the meaning was lost on him other than in whatever media he had consumed. The day he ate something would be very interesting indeed. The day he could

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