A Gift for Life and Death (pt9)

She smiled, nonetheless, glad to see him. “I was wondering where you were.”

A woman stabbed her friend. A bird found an entire nest of insects. A car accident happened when the man, slumped over in the driver seat, veered off into the incoming lane.

He might have been trying to overdo it a little, to make up for his absence. She might have teased him for it at another time, but as Death’s simple presence did it’s work Life could finally think clearly again.

“Where I have been? All over.” His grin was near frozen at the moment, but she could tell he was actually amused, if not also annoyed. She never understood the whys of him sometime, but knew she had much more awareness of him than he ever had of her. It explained some of his questions to her. “The real question, my lady, is why you’ve been so aimless? It’s so obvious.”

Tact had never been one of Death’s strong suits. “It is good to see you too,” Life said, as honest as she ever was. “I feel as though it has been so long since we have inhabited the same place. I can see your work wherever I go-”

“I see more of your work, I think.”

“-but I don’t feel it the same as seeing you.”

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