What Were the Mountains

We never saw it coming.

When the giants awoke, it was after thousands of years of sleep. I don’t think a single person had any idea. No one called out, warning us about the potential dangers. When the first of them roused, no one was prepared. Even had we known, I can’t think of a single thing that could have helped us.

The earthquake flattened cities as the giant sat up, permanently changing the skyline as they removed the mountains that used to stand there. Not that the giant destroyed them. The giant had been the mountains.

The military had no chance. I’m not sure why they even tried. Everyone just saw a monster, even as the giant flecked the rock and soil and trees from its skin. I am told it didn’t even flinch. The helicopter did, when the giant swatted it away like a fly. When it stretched up and yawned, pulling in the things in the sky and blowing them away.

Then the other giants roused and the world went insane. When the grey skin finally was exposed, the green brown hair finally showing its texture from underneath all of those things that had once crusted over the beings.

The giants took over the world in a day. And they did not do so by destroying us. At least, no more so than their awakening had done so by destroying our foundations.

They could have crushed us, stepped on us, shook the world by jumping and killing us all. They were uninterested in such things. They ignored us and began to build their own world again. We railed against them, or so I’m told. But in the end, we didn’t even rate as pests to them. They didn’t try to kill us. We killed ourselves as we threw ourselves against them. In this way, they took the world for their own.

Those who survived day one got the best of the deal. We were not destroyed in the earthquakes, in the tsunamis, in the avalanches. We hadn’t gotten too close, been aggressive.

The giants noticed us, as they noticed all of the little things. I am not sure that we were any more special than the deer, the bear, the elephants, the whales. We were just as small.

Oh, we never saw it coming, the day we became the fascinating little pets of the giants. They let us have our towns, what we could build that would remain stable as the giants walked the earth. They let us have our lives, what was left after our world was over.

We never saw it coming when mankind was no longer the apex species on planet earth.

The giants thought nothing of it.

2 thoughts on “What Were the Mountains

  1. What a great idea! This piece is short but thought provoking. Your imagination knows no boundaries. Carry on!❤️




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