Spears (pt11)

Azzah took her time with the next bowl, both hands wrapped around the wide base. Despite the chill, it felt warm as it went down her throat. In little sips, it continued to bring her a sense of comfort which relaxed parts of her she had not realized had any tension in them at all. It was something she had missed for some time. This camaraderie from people other than Reem, watching her sister’s courtship, speaking with Waseme when the older woman passed by. Maybe another would have stopped by to speak with her tonight, but her intense attention on Reem dissuaded further conversation.

Eventually Reem rejoined her, bowl empty.

“Done already?” Azzah asked, taking Reem’s bowl to stack on top of hers. “He’s melting in your hands.”

“It doesn’t take much.” Reem’s words were mellow, but her face was ecstatic. She was only ever more pleased when dealing with her spears, the covered head of which still stuck out over her shoulder. “When it comes from two ways, it doesn’t take much at all. Waseme!” She rose up an arm, waving her over. “Another!”

“Can’t wait for the turn of the season, can you?” Azzah teased.

“Just because I like something else better doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy it now.”

With full bowls once more, Azzah and Reem clinked them together and took large mouthfuls.

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