Spears (pt7)

Lulu and Daudi wished them a good night and the two women left their replacements and the strange house behind. The house which had a design from a foreign land, brought to this place long before any of them had ever come to protect it. A house none of them had ever seen inside, the Lel’ul’s private residence. One they protected even when no one was home. One they would continue to protect for as long as he asked them to. It stood there upon the slight rise, looking down upon the rest of Hirka. A place easily defended by two warriors worth any mettle. A place that had never been attacked.

Azzah would continue to wonder why warriors as good as she and Reem had to protect such a place while the Lel’ul was not there. There was so much else going on in the land, trouble makers that she and Reem could easily dispatch, animal attacks they could win singlehandedly… and they had to stay here.

Nothing out there could beat the both of them. Not when they were serious. And when it came to fights, they always were.

“Ready for a drink?” Reem rubbed at the back of Azzah’s neck. Azzah stretched out her body, not sore or tense, yet somehow stiff. Stiff from not doing enough, perhaps.


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