Zombie Apocalypse (pt19)

Irish had been completely right. Already Heherson had started in on it. There was no way that bringing her here would let Heherson focus on anything else. On the other hand, would he then stop raising the dead if Irish asked him to? Tim was here, so it wasn’t like he could do anything else. It wasn’t as if Heherson had tried doing anything to Irish anyway, since they had broken up. He might seem a bit obsessed, but other than being a bit of a creep while talking about it Heherson hadn’t done anything.

“I haven’t. You know why? Not because there’s anything wrong with Irish. Not because there is anything wrong with me. I’ve never been interested in that at all. Being a necromancer seems to make you want to have a lot more interaction with the living, Heherson. But the things even we untrained necromancers can tell about the body creeps me out more than anything. I’ve never been interested in touching anyone ever.”

Heherson scratched at his short cropped beard. “If you aren’t interested in the living, did you think that you might be more interested in the dead maybe?”

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t heard that before. “No, I don’t think that would do it for me either. Just because we’re born necromancers doesn’t automatically make us necrophiliacs.”

“Sure doesn’t make me one. The cold doesn’t do it for me, you know?”

“Cold sure bites.”

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