Zombie Apocalypse (pt16)

Getting out of the car and back into the air, Tim held his hands tightly in his coat pockets as he crossed the street, trying to ignore the feeling of death that was trying to permeate all of his senses. As if he didn’t see the picture already. Staring at Heherson’s door, he brought his hand up and gave the wooden structure a few hard knocks.

It didn’t take Heherson as long to answer as it had Irish and it was obvious to Tim that Heherson hadn’t been to sleep yet. He was more of a night owl, if Tim remembered correctly. “Hey there, Heherson.”

“Timothy?” Heherson grinned, giving Tim a light punch in the shoulder. It didn’t hurt at all, but Tim couldn’t stop himself from wincing at the contact. “Hey there, man, how’s it going? I haven’t seen you in a bit.”

“Oh, well, you know. I tend to get to my parties a little earlier and leave them like that too.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Too early and you burn yourself out, you know?”

“It’s not the burning out, I just don’t like being out at night.”

“Eh, could’ve fooled me!”

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