Zombie Apocalypse (pt11)

“I’m not saying…” Tim shook his head, dropping that. “That doesn’t matter, because you certainly aren’t interested in him anymore like that. But if he’d listen to you about this, maybe you could get him to stop?”

“Why on earth do you think he’d even listen to me? He barely listened to me when I left him.”

Tim frowned. “I thought you left him because you couldn’t tolerate how disorganized he was.”

“Of course that’s why I left him. But he didn’t get that. He wasn’t listening. Kept saying how things would get better. I’d already talked to him about how his messiness and spontaneity wasn’t cutting it for me. It took weeks before he really accepted the fact I’d moved out, remember?”

He didn’t really remember that, because Irish had very promptly put it behind herself and didn’t spend much time talking about it. Once she had broken up with Heherson, Tim hadn’t seen as much of the man. They had a lot in common, he and Heherson, but the only thing that had really brought them together was Irish.

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