January is a strange word if you think about it too hard

The new year has arrived. If you want something new, check out my new little tab at the side. It’s called “books”. I wonder why that is the case?

If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know the answer. I wrote about it before. I published my first book! Alice Through Wonderland Organization. It has lovely art like this:

by ケLV
by the wonderful ケLV

…and many a word by me! Poems included. One might have been borrowed from Charles Dodgson, but I assure you the rest of them derived from my brain and you will be able to tell the difference. I don’t pretend to own any of the words which aren’t mine.

If you are interested in those things, I hope you will pick it up! And if you do, I hope you will let me know in one way or another what you think about it. I always accept a critique, but as of recently I’m getting better at accepting praise as well. I suppose I will see which I earn, if either!

For those who like what they have read here, I am actually chugging along with my next book as well. I hope to publish it this year. Soon I hope to have a better time line and maybe a little bit to tease next month.

Time to get on the wild ride! Updates here continue Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with poems on Saturday.

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