When Messengers Fall (pt6)

“At the least we know not to leave the area yet.” Bri stretched, shirt lifting slightly to expose a bit more of her skin and the dull silver she had inserted into herself right at the navel.

Malak wondered at that, having seen Bri’s collection of much flashier inserts, but they had never seen her wear them. Much like they had never seen her wear something that would prominently display that portion of her body in a way other than through the accident of a motion, like a stretch.

Bri tugged her shirt back down. “I hope they’re okay.”

They sighed. “Gabrielle, I think you know better than anyone. No one who has fallen can be okay.”

She gave him a look. Eyes which opened up as if to show a soul welling deep within. The eyes were not windows to the soul, Malak knew what a soul looked like. The impression of the understanding and empathy that Bri could portray with a look, without even controlling her own subtle features, was something they’d never been able to comprehend.

“Want to lead the way?”

Malak didn’t reply and with a bright smile, Bri continued to drive their investigation.

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