The Keeper (pt14)

I wish I could have said something happened that I was a part of. That I was able to help someone, or at least that I learnt something. But no matter everything that I had tried to do, it ended up that none of it mattered. The next time I went to the Library, the Librarian wouldn’t pay me any notice. There was something hollow about his silence.

A boy that sometimes showed up to play with me and the Keeper waited for me outside the Library, when I forced myself to leave half an hour later. “Did you wanna play?” he asked.

We never played outside of the chamber. He had never asked. For some reason, it felt strange. “I have to go home,” I told him.

He grabbed my sleeve. “Please, can we play for a little bit? The park, just five minutes?”

That didn’t seem much like play at all.

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