She also knew how to dance, helping him out

It was some sort of ritual. Music played and the beasts would dance around a big pointy rock. Other people had told him this was strange, but as he had seen it every night he sneaked out to look in the woods all he knew was that he didn’t know why.

He had tried to ask in the past, but breaking into the circle made everyone scatter. He mentioned it at school. No one disbelieved him, but no one else had seen it.

“Maybe you’re going about it wrong,” she said as they ate lunch in the cafeteria.

“I have to be,” he replied, “or else I’d know by now.”

“No, I mean maybe you shouldn’t ask.”

He rolled his eyes. “You sound like my mom.”

She poked him. He flinched. “No, silly! Dance with them. They’re all dancing, right? Then they won’t run away.”

It was a good plan. They agreed to go out that very night.

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