Some programs don’t think “spasming” is a word

When he had the new hand made, he hadn’t expected there to be a terrible problem with it. If it stopped functioning, well. That was one thing. He had been without his left hand before.

Spasming around his neck was a very different problem.

“What are you doing?” his assistant asked.

He gestured with his flesh hand as if it were obvious. His assistant frowned and came over to him. In no rush. If he wasn’t losing oxygen, he would have fired the man.

“Interesting.” His assistant reached up and managed to deactivate it.

He gasped for air as it went limp and then rigid. Thankfully no longer around his windpipe.

“Were you rubbing your neck beforehand, or was it magnetically drawn to your throat?” his assistant continued.

He glared. “It’s an artificial hand, not arm,” he rasped. “There must be some sort of bug. Prepare the table, I’m getting this off now.”

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