The Playthings of God (pt11)

Natie’s words, more broken than she realized, faded away as she heard the sounds of the rest of the town. They had come to see her. But then she heard what they were saying.

She had been taken by God. She had been returned by God. She had been chosen.

Unable to put together the words to explain that their God was simply a Giant, Natie was brought back inside her newly cleaned house and put to bed.

Natie had no way of telling her parents what she saw. There was no way to explain to Patty the truth of where they lived. In a glass box, tended to by someone that looked like a illimitable version of them.

Everyone in town kept repeating it. How she had been chosen. Everyone in town kept waiting for her to speak. Words of the one who tended for them.

Natie had nothing to say, but her future had already been decided. They waited and listened. Natie had seen a world much like theirs keeping their world in motion.

Natie had nothing to say.

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