The Playthings of God (pt4)

“Are you still going to be a vet when you grow up?” Natie asked Patty.

Patty nodded. “Yep! Di said I could stick around when June delivers her puppies and help out! I’m on my way!”

Natie frowned. “Wow. You’re lucky.”

“Uh huh! And Miranda said she will let me sit with her when she works. I’m well on my way!”

Patty sounded so proud, she didn’t notice that Natie didn’t have anything to contribute to the conversation. Natie didn’t feel like mentioning that she had no idea. She didn’t feel like mentioning that her father always reminded her that she was running out of time to be free before she would have to start looking. Start choosing.

That Patty already knew what she wanted made Natie jealous. This seemed increasingly more important than waiting for the Cleaning.

But none of those things really interested her, as much as she tried. She hung around the store, but only wanted to buy some candy. She fed some of the cows, but if she had to do more than hold out her hand flat and let the long tongue come out to eat the little she could hold, she would get tired. She climbed a tree, but wasn’t sure what that might relate to when it came to her future job.

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