Emine (pt 14)

Milwurl’s Bonded were a couple, Lorens and Bo. They were the only people who had their own room actually built into the side of their dragon’s nest. While the other Bonded were never that far away from their dragon, most had to do more than open their room door to answer a call.

“They aren’t here right now,” Milwurl said. “Bo’s brother had another child, so I let them go see the newest addition.”

Emine nodded. She knew they had gone to see family, after all, even if she hadn’t known the specifics. Much like how she knew that Milwurl liked human hands to help her clean her feathers, though she had never done such a thing herself.

When the dragon sprawled out into the dirt that she insisted still always line her nest, Emine realized she was probably in a bit of trouble. “What did you need me to do?” she asked, as though she didn’t have an idea.

“They aren’t here right now. My wings are caked in mud.”

She knew it. Emine frowned, examining the situation. “Well, a lot of you is, actually. It was the rainy season and your nest was all mud.”

“Mud is nice, when you are in it.” Milwurl didn’t look at her, those eyes were already closed. “It is not nice when it’s dry.”

This was pampering, pure and simple. Emine knew that. Milwurl knew that. With a sigh, Emine gave in.

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