And the Pea

Once upon a time, on a stormy night, a princess arrived in a neighbouring kingdom. The queen wasn’t sure whether to believe this girl was a princess. Many girls had stopped by lately, as her son was looking for a suitable wife, but their manners had all been appalling or they had not had the suitable looks.

“Well, you can’t leave someone out in the rain,” the prince said.

“Of course,” said the queen. “But I’m still going to test her as to if she is a princess.”

The queen set up a fantastic test. She set a pea in the self-proclaimed princess’ bed, covered by many mattresses and feather beds.

The princess looked at her bed for the evening and swallowed. “You are so much richer here than my father and his kingdom,” was all she said.

The queen took the compliment. Behind her, far enough away to be considered polite, the prince facepalmed.

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