The water reminded him too much of himself

When the rain fell, he fell too. Not as prettily, mind you, with more a splat than a drip, but if anyone had said that to him he would have been appalled. Right now he was more appalled because of the rain falling on his head than anything else. He knew it was an instinctual reaction, when he really should have been more worried about the ground and how he had landed on it.

He could hear them shouting above him, from the window. He debated getting back up, but if he moved at all they might come out after him. Instead of risking that, he remained exactly where he had fallen, loathing each raindrop which landed on his back, in his hair.

It wasn’t too long before the other man arrived. His voice almost sounded panicked, until he reached his side. “Wha… you’re all right?”

“Darling, you look a mess.” He pushed himself up to his knees. “My outfit’s ruined.”

The merchant scowled, checking him over despite pretending to seem unconcerned. “Your outfit will be more than ruined when I’m through with you! You were all right and you just lay there?”

He shrugged. “You don’t look like that much of a mess.”

They got out of the rain, all he needed. Other than that, it was just another Tuesday.

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