The Downdate

Hello everyone. It’s the start of another month and time for another update.

Camp NaNoWriMo was last month, as I mentioned. Uh… let’s not talk about last month. I Wrote, I always Write, but with everything that happened during the month, it was a lot more brainstorming and world building than it was Writing the story. I said I would consider the month a failure in that case, but I’ve worked out this story so well I have a hard time feeling bad about not getting through what I initially wanted to Write.

However, I am glad for Camp to be over. Now I can organize myself and focus on perhaps not only producing a whole bunch of ideas, but being a bit more nit picky about language and the like. Write more drabbles and poetry. My usual as I come up with how I’m going to tackle the next Camp in July.

I debated the topic for this month. I came up with GREAT JUSTICE, so if that interests you, read on!

I love the ideas I come up with. Do I do them justice? Eh.
That’s how I feel. Eh.

here is nothing really to do about it other than to keep Writing though. Everyone says practice makes perfect. Occasionally I will read about a particular Writing trick or a warning that improves everything. Then I develop another Writing tick that is terrible. The latest one? Overusing “just”. Not sure where that word came from.

I’ve heard from some other Writers recently complaints about their ideas not being well received. Feedback about boring or flat or whatever. Which I find is less a problem with the idea than it is the delivery of it. I read a book the other day with ideas I found fascinating. I wouldn’t give the book more than an average review though, because I felt as if those ideas fell flat on delivery. Flat because of being rushed. Or flat because of too much telling and not showing. There are lots of ways to fail your ideas.

How do I fail mine? I’m not sure. I need more feedback, probably, from people other than myself. Not to say that I haven’t worked out some of it on my own. Usually through people talking about their own Writing faults. It’s easier to attribute a bad habit of my own that way, then in those lists of people talking about what is bad or good. At least, that is how my head works.

(Behind the scene look: the last thing I typed in that last paragraph was “words” instead of “works”. Always edit yourself, kids. And for goodness sakes, stop talking so much about words and actually Write them!)

Doing justice to your ideas is something only you can determine, after all. Even if you hand out your story to someone else and they love it. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have succeeded in portraying what your idea truly is to you. It means you Wrote something they liked. Writing is a translation of what is going on in our heads and words don’t always portray everything perfectly. It’s why I’m so wordy, sometimes. Finding out the most succinct way to describe anything in my head is hard.

Welcome to the world of language. Glad I’ve finally gotten on board with what words actually are. Don’t think about it too hard and reach that point when you look at a word, know it is spelled correctly, but can’t recognize it anymore. Yet think about it hard enough, because you can’t use any words. You have to Write in a way to either be as specific or as vague as you want.

Do yourself justice. I will continue to try to do justice to my Writing as well.

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