You are not Alone

Welcome to the world and living of here.
Wherever that may be, where it might lead.
They don’t feed upon your life, just your fear.

There are times when you feel as though a tear
Might fall and bring more (that is how they breed),
Spitting hatred down to create more fear.

They are terrible, beasts coming near.
And on your happiness they try to feed,
But if you come in, we’ll destroy that fear.

Some parts of life you wish to hold more dear
Than the hurtful parts which grow from mere seed.
If you need, I’ll take you in my arms here.

And together we can fight how they leer
Down on us, treating outside as a weed.
I assure you, there is no outside here.

Here I welcome you to stay, not disappear,
In a place where we don’t have to concede
To the monsters who still will end up here,
But I am with you, we can fight your fear.

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