Not the first, yet the first with results

Rumour had it if one took a candle into the mansion, not a flashlight, the ghosts wouldn’t come after.

This was lies. Blatant lies. He bit down on nothing. A bad habit of all of the years he had smoked. Now he watched the mansion burn. Again. He took his crew up to keep the place from burning up. They managed to get there fast, this time.

“Do we have a culprit?” he asked officer McKenzie.

She had the same expression as he, just without the obvious desire for a cigarette. “Two thirteen year old boys.”

“Find any ghosts before they decided to light the place up?” He wasn’t sure how much of him was joking. He wasn’t really a humorous person. She wasn’t either. At least, not on duty.

“About that.”

She held up a phone. In his thick gloves, he took it up and peered at the screen. “Well I’ll be damned.”

So many times he had put out fires in this place. And there was photographic evidence of something that was supposed to be a ghost.

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