She woke up nowhere near where she fell asleep. It was a talent she had. Of course, if her parents asked, it was completely on purpose. Even if she got in trouble for it. Because the last thing she wanted this to be was an issue. There were enough of those that she thought were stupid.

Her sister, on the other hand, saw through her affectations. “You’re going to end up on the road at this point,” she scolded, helping her younger sister clean up. “Dad could help if you just told him. He’s insomniac anyway.”

She shook her head. She didn’t want dad’s help. If he helped, he might find out how to stop her from doing it in the first place. She wanted to be able to teleport while she was awake.

“Please let me tell him.”

She shook her head.

While her sister treated her like a child (fair enough, she was eight), she did keep her promises. At least someone did. And while her sister tried to talk other ideas to solve this problem aloud, the eight year old tried not to fall asleep again.

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