Creative Outlet

Posters aren’t meant to be plastered over windows
As much as the ceiling shouldn’t be home to pillows
But when starting things like this, a class of intros
One must be prepared to play for multiple bingos

Rest is for the wicked, lying in wait
And ticking off chances to count up to eight
Or down, perhaps, when pretending to play it straight
Pretense of donation, the first we do is create

And for those who just don’t understand
Other may just think you bland
But that’s not the case, it’s just the brand
Something else that we, not you, have planned

Now before it becomes too late, open the door
For once, not worried about it holding any gore,
But another silly trick for us to tally the score
Another rubber snake found in yet another drawer

Kindly unhand your previously held connotations
As we will shake your foundations
As we make up completely new expectations
Pranks held up by generations

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