Types of creepy

An empty amusement park has a certain type of creepiness that one couldn’t explain.

It was the type he liked. No one would describe him as creepy. Then again, no one would describe him as the type of person who liked amusement parks. Because he didn’t. At least, he didn’t like it when people were there. He liked it when it was empty and there was no one else there to get in his way. It meant he could enjoy the rides. It meant he could take his time.

Of course, there had to be one other person there. “This is only because I promised. As far as anyone else is concerned, I’m just doing checks on the rides.”

He nodded. He wasn’t going to get her in trouble. That wouldn’t be nice. Thank you, he signed.

It took her a moment. She was still learning. He repeated the motions, though she looked away halfway through. “Yeah, yeah. Go. Go where you want. I’ll make sure the ride’s going.”

He gave her a thumbs up. She snorted. Then he ran off to enjoy the creepiness of the empty park.

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